Dust filter bags
Austin’s dust filter bags are made of high efficiency nonwoven felts. According to different working condition , we suggest different materials filter bags.
  Bolting cloth
Austin Industries provides our global customers a wide range of wire mesh solutions.
Filter cloth
Austin Industries supplies various synthetic woven and nonwoven felt filter media, the filter media weight from 220gsm to 1100 gsm fabrics in many fiber types.
  Liquid filter bags
Made of seamless micron needle felts, assuring a leak-free filtration efficiency. Top and bottom welded by ultrasonic and the body is thermo welded.
Airslide belt
Austin Industries offer a comprehensive range of poly air slides for the use of air gravity conveyors.
  Belt filter
Austin Industries provides polyester dryer belt conveyor, helix fabric conveyor, forming fabric, pulping fabric ,pulp washing screens
Cartridge filter
Austin Industries pleated filter cartridge
  Filter cage
Austin Industries manufacture three types filter cage as the support to filter bags.

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